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What our clients say ...

"If you're adrift in a sea of lawyers, this firm is the ship you want to set your sail to! Responsive, understanding, thorough and empathetic, they take the time to understand the whole picture and go above and beyond to deliver the best service one could ask for. The only law firm you need. 10/10, A+, Would highly recommend! I wouldn't want to go through my ordeal again, but if I did, there is NO other firm I'd want fighting for me, than Relevant."

Jason W.

"I really can't say enough about Sarah. A few months back I found myself thrust into a nasty custody battle and she has done so much to usher me through this, the most turbulent season of my life. Lawyers tend to catch a bad rap for many reasons, none of which could be considered as true for Sarah. She TRULY cares about me, but most importantly my Children. She has taken the time and effort to dive deep into the details of my case and it really shows when she mops the floor with the opposing counsel! Sarah is professional, poised, responsive and strategic and I believe you'd be doing yourself and/or your children a disservice by not retaining her to fight for and along side you. I promise you wont regret it. Sarah has been a true godsend, she is not just my lawyer, she's now absolutely an honorary member of my family. I tell her this all the time and now I am going to shout it from the rooftops - I LOVE YOU, SARAH!! P.S. - Mark helped me form my LLC and drew up a Will for me a number of years back. I don't write many reviews and never got around to writing his, but he is also TOP NOTCH! Regardless of the reason, I am absolutely with Relevant for life! These folks are the salt of the earth."

Zach R.

"I have used this office year after year and am never disappointed. I dropped some documents off at their new location and was amazed at what they’ve done. It is like no other law firm I’ve ever been to. Mark has served us well over the years and working with Sarah is great too. If you need a lawyer for anything, not just on a rainy day.. go to Relevant. They certainly do law focused on the client, not on themselves."

Cheryl G.

"From the initial call to make an appointment I thought there was something different about this law firm. Daniel was professional, pleasant & very personable on the phone. He explained how the appointment would be handled and set a time for me to meet with Mark Bold. When I went in to meet with Mark he immediately seemed like someone I had known for awhile, he was attentive, informed and answered my questions in a way I could easily understand. I will definitely use this law firm for future needs and have already shared my experience with several family members. My only regret is that I can only give them 5 stars, they deserve many more. Thanks!"

Susie D.

"I sensed honesty and professionalism at all times!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Relevant Law to anyone wanting honesty, professionalism and the job done right the first time! The communication was spot on as well. COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!!"

Brian P.

"Relevant law is unlike all other law firms I have been to or heard of. Instead of a "hot-shot" lawyer in a big suit talking down to you and charging an extreme amount, Mark is a laid back, non-pushy, more casual-leaning dressed guy that talks on your level and whose pricing is fair compared to others in the area. What's more, is the pricing is given straight-up and you don't have to jump through hoops to find out what things are going to cost. The front-staff is also fantastic and always offers a drink, and the decor in the building is beautiful."

Josh H.

"I used Relevant Law to set-up a business for me, & the overall experience was perfect! From their website chat to the consultation, it was a very smooth transition. Relevant Law is changing how people view attorneys, they are truly here to help. If you find yourself looking for legal help, give them a call."

Wesley M.