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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to guide your business through the merger and acquisition process and help you complete the transaction as efficiently as possible.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Legal Services

Our legal team regularly represents companies of all sizes and will provide your team with the critical legal advice you need to move the transaction forward while actively protecting your best interests.


We advise corporate clients, small businesses, financial institutions, management teams, and more on a variety of M&A transactions. 


How Our M&A Lawyers Can Help

Mergers and acquisitions transactions have a lot of moving parts and technical considerations that must be addressed. Our legal team specializes in all aspects of these matters including:


Mergers and acquisitions lawyers should be brought in for legal advice as soon as negotiations begin. This will ensure that your best interests are always being looked out for. As a deal is being structured the Relevant Law legal team will be there to help advise on the transaction and negotiate the details.

Compliance and Securities Issues

During this phase, our M&A lawyers will assist in getting approval from any regulators that have veto authority over the deal and will work to resolve any securities law issues. Our attorneys will ensure all stock transactions comply with both state and federal laws and will assist in resolving any issues that may arise during this time such as shareholder revolts.

Financing and Corporate Structure Issues

Another issue Relevant attorneys will work on during this process is getting the transaction approved by the shareholders and regulators. During this time, our legal team will assist you in lining up the necessary financing and corporate structures to allow the deal to move forward. They will also take tax considerations into account as new entities are created, while trying to keep your transaction costs to a minimum.

Drafting Closing Documents

Once the stakeholders have been satisfied, any disputes have been resolved, and regulators have given their approval closing documents will need to be drafted to make the transaction a legal and financial reality.

While there is one master sales or merger agreement that exists, hundreds of legal documents are often needed to complete the merger or acquisition. These documents will cover everything from each party’s responsibilities to the timeline for the closing process to debt assumption agreements with creditors.

Facilitating the Closing Process

The last phase of the process is the closing process.

M&A lawyers monitor the closing process and make sure all the necessary tasks are accomplished as set out in the final agreement. Our attorneys will troubleshoot any issues that might hinder a successful transaction and will work to ensure the new organization is as strong as possible.

Our experienced lawyers have represented acquiring companies, target companies, lenders, and investors. If you need legal counsel and assistance for these complex commercial transactions contact us today. 

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