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Employment & HR

Our legal team can help your business navigate workforce-related matters for your new or existing business.  

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Employment & Human Resources Legal Services

Each state has its own set of employment laws, which is why it is vital to have a legal team you can rely on as you navigate the complexities of starting up and running a business. 


Employment Law Professionals 

Our experienced employment law professionals have experience across a wide range of industries. They can be available to provide you with legal advice regarding employment law matters and help you prepare business documents such as employee manuals, internal policy manuals, and other internal documents. An employment and HR attorney can also help business owners and employers create, maintain, and enforce workplace policies and procedures. This may include assistance with:

  • Employment Laws
  • Creating Employee or Contractor Agreements
  • Hiring Contract Employees
  • Employee Terminitation Tips

Legal Services for Employees

Additionally, there are times when employees may need to seek legal advice or assistance in the event they are dealing with discrimination or harassment in their workplace, for issues such as:

  • Age, Gender, or Disability Discrimination
  • Labor Laws
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • FMLA or Other Leave Laws

The Relevant Legal team in your area can assist you with all of your employment and human resources business law needs. you draft and negotiate strong contracts customized for your business’ unique needs. We will help you plan, research, and strategize as needed to resolve your matter in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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