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Beyond Legal.

We're much more than a law firm. We are advisors, consultants, and partners to individuals and businesses helping them mitigate risks and triumph over challenges. Relevant is built on an innovative and sophisticated business model that eliminates much of the costly overhead and over-staffing traditionally associated with law firms. Our innovative approach to law firm management allows us to offer customers exactly what they are seeking: sophisticated legal advice from knowledgeable attorneys at attractive, affordable rates.

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Redefining Law.

Our value stems directly from the talent and commitment of our attorneys who practice law in a smarter, more client-focused way. Our attorneys focus their skills and creative strategies to provide common sense and practical solutions.

- Mark Bold, CEO

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Legal. Simplified.

Our people are pioneering, innovative, approachable, accountable, and fearless in their commitment in creating success for our clients. We provide a new level of legal service that bridges the gap between the law and modern business reality. We use our extensive knowledge, research, and practical experience to understand our client's unique goals, and then engage in a client-interactive strategy to meet those objectives. Experience the difference for yourself.