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How to Apply for an LLC

Here are some helpful tips for forming an LLC in your state.

Personal Injury Terms Defined

We've defined some terms commonly used in personal injury matters.

Overlooked Custody Dispute Issues

Co-parenting during divorce is hard, here are some common issues.

5 Misconceptions About Divorce

In this blog we review five of the most common misconceptions about divorce.

Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation

Here are four reasons why you should choose mediation for your divorce.

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Here are 7 things to look for before you sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Can I Afford a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you've suffered an injury, here's what you need to know about hiring a personal injury attorney.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Knowing how long you have to file a personal injury claim if vital if you believe you have a case.

Benefits of a Living Trust

A living trust is an important estate planning document, here's why you need one.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Recently married? Here's how to change your name on important legal documents.

Changing Your Name After Divorce

Here's how to change your name after a divorce.

  • 01/15/2021

"Fair Market Value" is important to define.

Correctly defining "Fair Market Value" for real estate to determine a purchase price, matters.

Roles & Duties of Your Board of Directors

Learn more about the roles of duties of your business' Board of Directors.

What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

Learn what a Certificate of Good Standing is and how to get one for your business.