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  • Family Law

Overlooked Custody Dispute Issues

Co-parenting during divorce is hard, here are some common issues.

  • Family Law

Social Media & Divorce

Here are some tips for using social media during the divorce process.

  • Family Law

Benefits of Shared Custody

Here's why your children benefit from sharing custody with your ex.

  • Family Law

Designing a Holiday Child Custody Plan

Navigating the holidays can be tricky, a holiday custody plan can help.

  • Family Law

Benefits of a Prenup

Getting married? Here's why you might want a prenuptial agreement.

  • Family Law

Protecting Your 401(k)

If you are getting a divorce, here's some tips to help protect your 401(k).

  • Family Law

5 Misconceptions About Divorce

In this blog we review five of the most common misconceptions about divorce.

  • Family Law

Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation

Here are four reasons why you should choose mediation for your divorce.

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